Have you ever wondered why Football teams in England are so far ahead of us in regard to the level of football and their development?

The reason is they dedicate a lot of time to youth development, Strength and Conditioning and off-field training.

It’s no secret that physical and athletic development is something that is severely lacking in Sports here in NI.

We want to even the playing field

Thankfully at Gain Forth Gym we have a bespoke, private training facility that can be booked at an affordable rate to accommodate a team wanting to get the physical edge over their opponents. All the equipment necessary is provided and a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach is on hand to plan and deliver the sessions.

Chris Established Strength Coach NI in 2016 and in that time has worked with a broad range of athletes ranging from Football, Rugby, GAA, Basketball, Boxing and MMA, to even American Football, ice hockey and beyond. Covering all ability levels, male and female, from amateur to elite level and covering a broad range of age groups. A full consultation and needs analysis will be conducted to ensure Coaching is entirely catered to you and your athletes as standard. Clubs from individual sports are welcome also.

Please remember that conditioning training, circuits, strength and general training aren’t ‘Strength & Conditioning’. This term has been thrown around a lot but we want to show athletes and coaches the benefits this type of training has on your development.

Here’s just a snapshot of the benefits of a proper S&C Session

Availability for these sessions are Monday, Wednesday Friday at 8pm, Saturday & Sunday at 1pm, though more space may free itself in the next coming months.

*This is primarily aimed towards senior athletes, though some teenage ranges may be considered. Not suitable for youths (below the age of 12).

Rates and availability can be discussed depending on the degree of the service.

Thank you!